Chocolarium Carneval

Munz and Minor's happiness factory offers a colourful programme for the "Chocolarium Carneval" in February. The Chocolarium will be colourfully and cheerfully decorated - there will be adorable clown faces, colourful smileys and the trendy, slightly crazy "Rocky Road Schoggi" for sale.

Free admission for children in fancy costumes

Mark 25 February in your diary in yellow: All children up to and including 16 years of age who come to the Chocolarium in carnival costume on 25 February will receive free admission. On this day it will be noisy in the Munz and Minor fortune factory, because at 1:15 pm the guggemusic "Wirus" will play. If you don't want to miss this, you should book the tour beforehand, around 11:40 am, or afterwards from 1:50 pm.

Colourful lollies

If you've always wanted to be a confectioner and decorate your own chocolate to your heart's content, you'll get your money's worth in February: on Wednesdays and at weekends, you can make colourful lollipops from Munz Prügeli on the tour. Toppings such as sweet crispy pearls, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate lentils or unicorn figures are ready and waiting. Beautifully packaged with a colourful bow, they make an ideal gift to take home - or to snack on yourself.

A warm welcome!

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