Munz Easter Bunny, flat

Sweeten up your Easter with a self-created Easter figurine. During the one-hour course, you and your group, accompanied by an expert guide, will cast a cute bunny face out of chocolate. The figurine consists of 115g of the finest hand-scooped chocolate.

Difference to the "Easter Bunny classic" casting course: The Munz Easter Bunny is a flat bar shape and therefore requires less time than a hollow bunny figure.

Children up to 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Adult companions can also cast a bunny. One place must be booked for the child and one for the accompanying adult. Minimum age: 6 years

👤 People
Up to 20 people per course, run from 10 people. You can book this course as a group from 10 people.
💰 Price
CHF 30
⌚ Duration
1h + Erlebnis-Rundgang
Dates in march and april
Additional information
💬 Language
Deutsch & Englisch

Services included

  • Accompaniment of an expert guide
  • Create and cast a Munz Easter Bunny figurine
  • Interesting facts about chocolate
  • + ticket for the discovery tour!
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